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Promotions & Discounts

Don't miss out on our deals! They won't last long.

Loyalty Program​


Starting Jan 2, 2020! Our Loyalty program now gives you Beauty Bucks for your visits. 

Thank you for choosing us!

Earn points every time you come in. Once you reach certain levels you can redeem your points for discounts on retail. This is just one way we wanted to say thank you for being a loyal client. 

New Treat-ments

Need to breathe some life back into your hair?

Whether your hair is colored or highlighted or if you just need some relief from the environment, we've got the treatments for you! We'll give you a blow out to die for and bring you back to life  <3 Call us to ask what treatment would be best for you!

Mall Discount


Do you work in the Kedron Shopping center? Get 10% off just for working here!

If you are a employee of the Kedron Shopping Center, we are extending the same discount to the surrounding businesses and their employees. Refer your friends to us and get an even better discount with our Beauty Bucks!

What can we create for you?

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